About Vogels Nederland

Vogels Nederland is an initiative of Coen Franken and Inge Duijsens. Our love for the bird is mainly a matter of jealousy: How special is it when you are so beautiful and can fly on top of that?

Our philosophy: The more you know of birds and nature, the more likely you will appreciate birds and nature.
Knowledge of nature makes it popular and leads directly or indirectly to nature conservation and development.

Our goal is to allow as many people as possible to discover the birds and the natural beauty in the Netherlands. We share our knowledge and provide information and products that make that possible. We focus on the general public, young and old. Besides for the general public the products of Birds Netherlands are specific for:

  • Bird and nature lovers
  • Nature Management Organisations
  • Schools and educational organisations

Bird and nature lovers

Bird and nature hobbyists come in many species. Think bird spotters, to the hikers and cyclists who make their trips through nature. Then there are the photographers who especially like nothing better than to capture our Dutch natural beauty. Vogels Netherlands offers them all sorts of information and products.

The consumer and entrepreneur who wants to provide a home or business with a natural wall decoration can also go to Vogels Nederland.

Nature Organizations

The Netherlands has many nature organizations. Birds Netherlands helps nature organizations with information and (instructive) products. There are many agrarian nature associations throughout the Netherlands. Vogelbescherming Nederland (bird preservation) is a well-known. A lot is also done locally on nature management by bird working groups and the IVN.

Schools and educational organisations

The more you know of birds and nature, the more likely you will appreciate birds and nature. That starts at elementary school. Nature education is important. Many schools have special educational programs to show the learner how beautiful and important nature is for our own well-being. In addition to education by schools, there are many nature organizations in the Netherlands. Throughout the country these nature gatherings, such as bird courses and nature walks, are organized especially for the bird and nature lovers.

Have you seen a good product that shouldn't be missing from our offer? Please let us know via contact..

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